Commando Manuals on CD

12 February1999

Commando factory manuals, parts lists, and photos on CD

Heidelberg Desktop Publishing in Australia have produced a CD-ROM containing exact reproductions of a comprehensive collection of Norton Commando factory manuals, parts lists, and photos, all in Adobe Acrobat format (Acrobat Reader included on the CD). It is clear from the descriptions that these are scanned images of the original publications. Apparently these reproductions are licenced by Norton Motors International, although whether NMI have any right to grant a licence or whether a licence is even required to reproduce documents from a defunct company is an interesting question; I hope they didn't pay too much for the priviledge.

The usefulness of an on-screen manual may be questionable bearing in mind the oily fingerprints that decorate most shop manuals, I certainly won't be taking my Tosh into the garage, but I guess you can print out pages as needed.

Manuals included are:

CD suitable for PC running Windows 3.x/95. (Apparently it works on Mac/Linux etc. but you'll need to obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader yourself.)

Cost USD25 (including shipping) from:

Heidelberg Desktop Publishing
Simon Court
Rosanna VIC 3084
TEL: + 61 3 9459 5426
FAX + 61 3 9459 3337