Norton Commando Who Does What

  1. Alf Hagon (suspension units [Girling type], wheel building, rims etc.)
    7 Roebuck Rd
    tel. (44)20 8502 6222
  2. Armours (replica tanks, mudguards etc.)
    784 Wimbourne Road
    Dorset BH9 2HS
    tel. (44)1202 519409
  3. Central Wheel (wheel building, rims, spokes, tyres)
    The Wheelhouse
    Unit 8
    Station Road
    Birmingham B46 1HT
    tel. (44)1675 462264
    fax. (44)1675 466412
  4. Colin Kelly (sheet metal parts; e.g. battery tray, license plate bracket)
    75a Wimblebury Road
    Heath Hayes
    Staffordshire WS12 5EE
    tel. 01543 459514
  5. M.A.P. Cycle Enterprises, Inc. (forged billet connecting rods, "Nascar-45" valve guides, "Black Diamond" valves, forged racing pistons)
    7165 30th Ave. North
    St. Petersburg
    Florida 33710
    tel. 727.381.1151
    fax. 727.347.9469
  6. Maxton Engineering (Roadholder forks converted to modern standards with original external appearance)
    Chapel Works
    Cheshire WA6 6HX
    tel. 01928 740531
    fax. 01928 740635
  7. Mistral Engineering (Lucas Rita ignition)
    Unit 12 Taylors
    Gravel Lane
    Essex IG7 6DQ
    tel. (44)20 8501 2161
  8. Dave Nourish (one-piece crankshafts and stronger conrods - oh, and complete Weslake engines)
    Nourish Racing Engine Company
    13 Manor Lane
    Leicestershire LE15 7JL
    tel. (44)1572 722712
  9. Russell Motors (have an incredible stock of old Norton spares)
    125 Falcon Road
    London SW11 2PE
    tel. (44)20 7228 1714
    fax. (44)20 7924 4273
  10. Joe Shaw & Sons (Speedo/Tacho spares & repairs)
    6 Marion Close
    Robin Hood Lane
    Kent ME5 9QA
    tel. (44)1634 861552
    fax (44)1634 868308
  11. T J Wassell (S-type exhaust system, pipes, silencers, heat shields, brackets etc plus silencers/pipe for various British bikes and yes, it is the same Wassell)
    note : trade enquiries only
    Chase Side Drive
    tel. (44)1543 428614
  12. Unity Equipe (all sorts of Triton stuff, Commando in Featherbed and one-off exhaust systems)
    916 Manchester Rd
    Lancashire OL11 2SR
    tel. (44)1706 32237
    fax. (44)1706 48158

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